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British tourist bitten by venomous reptile on Fraser Island read full article at

When British vacationer Ben booked a vacation on Okay’Gari (Fraser Island) along with his companion Georgia he hoped for some shut encounters with Australia’s distinctive wildlife.

However he by no means anticipated to be airlifted to hospital after a suspected chunk by Australia’s second most venomous land snake, the jap brown.

A now-viral TikTok video captured all the ordeal, which started when the nature-lover’s new drone crashed into the Queensland island’s towering dunes at dawn.

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Ben instructed he wandered up the sandy slopes in trainers to retrieve the system, however catastrophe struck on the journey down.

“l stepped on this darkish thing quite deep in the grass, felt like a stabbing pain, looked down at my ankle and saw blood,” he mentioned.

“When we got back to the truck and had a look at my ankle, I saw the two fang marks, then the sudden realisation of long grass, plus summer equals snakes hit.”

In shock, Ben mentioned he confirmed the chunk mark to his fiancée. 

Ben was on his way down the slope when he felt a sharp pain on his ankle.
Ben was on his approach down the slope when he felt a pointy ache on his ankle. (TikTok: @Geebeetv)
Then he saw the two perfectly spaced holes.
Then he noticed the 2 completely spaced holes. (TikTok: @geebeetv)
“We both sort of just sat there frozen for a second, quickly realising we had no signal to call anyone,” he mentioned.

“The tide was in so we couldn’t access the beach to get back. I put pressure on my ankle to try and stop the blood flow.”

Georgia sprang into motion and ran to a neighbouring campsite, frantically waking a household to assist.

“Immediately this lovely lady rushed over to me with a bite kit, she told me not to move, wrapped the bite in a bandage, circled the bite area and wrote the time of bite on the bandage,” he mentioned.

“They had been told the day before that an eastern brown snake had been spotted just along the campsite so we needed to move.

“Her husband and his buddy carried me into the again of his new Landcruiser and rushed us throughout the rocks, alongside the seaside to the closest emergency cellphone.”

The family administered first aid to Ben and then they waited as the chopper tried to find a spot to land.
The family administered first aid to Ben and then they waited as the chopper tried to find a spot to land. (TikTok: @geebeetv)

About 40 minutes later Ben hear the distinctive whir of a helicopter, and knew help had arrived.

But then a new challenge emerged.

“The helicopter could not land on the relaxation cease we had been at due to upkeep works being accomplished to the helipad they usually could not land on the seaside due to the excessive tide,” he explained.

“They circled overhead for some time earlier than making the choice to land on this sandy grass-level a part of the seaside and the fellows drove me down to satisfy the paramedics.

“The team from the RACQ LifeFlight were brilliant, kept me calm and got me into the helicopter to prepare me for the flight to the mainland hospital.”

When the chopper landed paramedics rushed to treat Ben, and he was soon up in the skies on his way to hospital.
When the chopper landed paramedics rushed to deal with Ben, and he was quickly up within the skies on his solution to hospital. (TikTok: @geebeetv)

Georgia was left on the island because the chopper was at capability, and Ben was flown to Hervey Bay Hospital.

“The helicopter landed and they rushed me into emergency services, the snake bite procedure requires 12 hours of blood monitoring,” he defined.

“They took bloods and hooked me up to all the monitoring machines.

“Each fangs had hit the ankle bone completely so it did not inject venom, fortunate escape”.

Ben added an eastern brown was still suspected to be behind the bite due to the recent sightings around camp, and the distance between the fang marks. 

With snake season in full swing, Ben said he knew the venomous reptiles in Australia would pose a risk.

However, he’s admitted he had three takeaways from the ordeal.

HOOK-NOSED SEA SNAKE Enhydrina schistosa. Close up showing head detail and scales. Specimen from coast of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. stock photo

The world’s deadliest, most terrifying, snakes

“I’ve watched nature exhibits my complete life and I am fairly switched on with conserving my wits about me, particularly in Australia,” he said.

“(However) three issues to make travellers like myself conscious of sooner or later: put on thick excessive boots in Australia when you’re strolling within the bush, at all times carry a chunk equipment and assume snakes are in all places.

“In all seriousness, though this hasn’t changed my outlook on anything, I love Australia and I will continue to explore it.”

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