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Australia’s most high profile escort — who quit the business last year — has answered some of the most controversial questions she gets asked about her time in the sex industry.

Journalist, author and former escort Amanda Goff – otherwise known as Samantha X – has shed light on her only regret from her time in industry and opened up about that part of her life.

The 48-year-old, who is originally from the UK but now calls Australia home, said her only regret was getting “big boobs”.

Reflecting on her career, she implored her followers to ask questions, with one probing whether she regretted any of the procedures she had undergone.

“Would be interesting to know if you regret your boob job or Botox etc. that you got in your Samantha life that you now have to live with in real life.” they asked on Instagram.

“Does that remind you of those memories (being good/bad)?”

Amanda quickly replied, stating she did somewhat regret her breast augmentation.

“Although I love my boobs, I also think at times I went a bit too big and I am looking to (maybe) have them reduced at some stage,” she explained.

“I feel self-conscious about them sometimes and feel it’s what people only know me for …

“So yeah – if anything – the boobs. Although in true bipolar fashion, I swing between loving them and hating them.”

Amanda also spoke candidly about her time in the industry and was open to answering any questions to help raise awareness and break down the stigma surrounding that line of work.

When asked if she ever regretted her time as an escort, she gave a very honest reply.

“In short, no,” she began.

“Despite the controversy, judgment, stigma, consequences, I don’t regret one single decision I made; from outing myself to my books, to the media.

“The lessons I’ve learned, the compassion, empathy, resilience & the authenticity I’m now armed with I wouldn’t change for the world.

“I feel privileged to be a vehicle for men to open up to and honoured that I somehow help women discover their sexuality.

“It hasn’t been easy for many reasons and I struggle a lot with guilt and shame at times, but what I’ve learnt about men, women and myself is a gift

“I also learned that most people are hypocrites and I can sniff bullsh*t out in nanoseconds.

Last year, Amanda announced she was “hanging up the stilettos” for good in favour of her “traditional and conservative” roots in a bid to reclaim her life.

In an exclusive interview with Stellar, she revealed that she was going to ditch her famous pseudonym and embrace her real name, Amanda Goff.

This bold move also comes with a striking shake up of her current way of life, with Amanda instead choosing to reclaim her “very traditional and conservative” identity.

“It makes total sense why I created the character Samantha. From an early age, I could dissociate and compartmentalise part of my life,” she told Stellar.

“Creating Samantha was a way of dealing with certain trauma in my life, Samantha was a strong, powerful character, and Amanda was and is a bit of an introvert – very traditional and conservative.

“Before going to work as Samantha, I would literally say ‘Showtime’. I felt invincible.”

Amanda understands her switch between her two personalities as a manifestation of her bipolar diagnosis.

“At the time, I had no issues going public despite the shock from friends and family.

“It was like I couldn’t understand their concerns. I was closed off to it. I was on some kind of high, which now I understand is mania.”

Amanda says her bipolar unlocked years of confusion over her actions and behaviour as Samantha X, her high-profile escorting alter ego.

“Now the fog has started to clear, I am ashamed of some of my choices, especially about going public,” she revealed.

“I don’t recognise the woman who did that and it’s mortifying for me. I am not blaming my bipolar or saying it was all down to my bipolar at all.

“But would I have made those choices if I was diagnosed and medicated? Most likely I wouldn’t have been so public about it.”

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