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Melbourne council’s savage response to sovereign citizen avoiding parking fine read full article at

A council employee has fully torn to shreds a conspiracy theorist who was attempting to get out of paying a $110 parking advantageous.

In a hilariously savage however well mannered alternate, the Victorian council staffer despatched an extended four-paged letter in response to a weird grounds of attraction from a driver who was caught parking in a loading zone.

At occasions, the motive force tried to argue for proof of the legal guidelines round parking fines and even introduced the late Queen Elizabeth and the worth of the Australian greenback into their defence to keep away from paying the advantageous.

The Metropolis of Monash Council, in south-east Melbourne, confirmed to one among their staff who had been employed since 2019 despatched the superbly reasoned response.

Though the parking infringement occurred in October final 12 months, photographs of the letter just lately began making the rounds on Twitter.

The complainant seems to be a part of the sovereign citizen movement, an ideology rising in reputation in Australia the place people who consider that they, not judges, juries, regulation enforcement, or elected officers, ought to determine which legal guidelines to obey and which to disregard.

Sovereign residents additionally usually don’t consider they need to need to pay taxes or fines.

The motion gained nationwide consideration in December when the murderous Practice household gunned down two younger constables and an harmless neighbour throughout a routine lacking individual inquiry.

It later emerged that they have been a part of the extremist sovereign citizen motion, a far-right conspiracy idea that views the state – and authorities – as illegitimate.

The sovereign citizen was noticed parking in a loading zone in Oakleigh, the letter acknowledged, which reportedly carries a $110 penalty, in response to VicRoads.

However the conspiracy theorist claimed of their grounds for attraction that the council had “no legal or valid claim” towards them as they’ve “committed no criminal offence, offended/broken no law”.

The council employees member started in a droll tone: “I will address your letter as though you have made a lawful request.”

Fairly early on of their formal assessment letter, the Monash Metropolis worker additionally makes it fairly clear that they have been conscious the individual had copied and pasted their grievance from sovereign citizen conspiracy teams.

“I note that you are using a proforma letter from an internet site,” they wrote.

In maybe essentially the most sassy a part of the letter, the employee wrote: “It also appears you are under the mistaken belief that Council is somehow legally obligated to provide you with ‘proof of claim’ within 28 days or you will consider Council to be bound by certain contractual obligations.

“As I indicated before, you appear to hold grave misconceptions of a variety of legal principles and in this case, I must state in the strongest possible terms, you cannot legally bind Council using such an ultimatum.”

The conspiracy theorist demanded that they be supplied with paperwork validating the regulation beneath which they have been being prosecuted.

This was publicly obtainable info so “there is no legal obligation to provide you a copy, certified or otherwise”, the civil servant retorted.

“I note you demand an affidavit to attest the validity of the Road Rules. Any such affidavit is moot as the actions of the Victoria Parliament are what gives the legislation its validity,” they added.

The sovereign citizen believer additionally introduced up Queen Elizabeth and the failed 1988 referendum to alter Australia right into a republic, which the council employee admitted “confused” them.

In a while, they referred to as their line of argument absurd, when the conspirator tried to muddy the waters by mentioning the altering worth of Australian foreign money.

“I am assuming that your submission as to it being ‘impossible to value the Australian dollar’ is an exercise of reductio ad absurdum,” the council officer wrote. “While Australian currency is made of plastic, the Australian dollar has value ascribed to it by virtue of the Currency Act 1965.”

The letter ended with a curt however agency choice; “I note that you have not provided sufficient evidence or information that would support withdrawal of the infringement notice.”

Metropolis of Monash CEO Dr Andi Diamond congratulated their worker for his or her thorough response.

“Our officer took a factual, legal approach in his responses as he is required to do when assessing applications for review under the relevant legislation, and the letter reflects his attempt to answer all the questions and propositions that were put to him as part of the appeal to the infringement that was received,” she informed in an announcement.

“The letter can be used as part of any future court proceeding that may arise if the infringement remains unpaid and accordingly the officer was comprehensive in his response.”

She acknowledged that individuals had discovered her employees member’s response “amusing” however added that this was not the intention of the letter, as they’d simply been doing their job.

Social media was full of reward for the level-headed council employee.

“Sovereign citizen writes to their local council to contest their parking infringement, arguing all sorts of pseudo legal nonsense. The council’s response is GOLD!” one individual described it.

One other mentioned: “A simple enough matter to swat away, but still written with beautiful legal understanding and respect.”

– With Alexis Carey and Ally Foster

Initially revealed as Melbourne council’s perfect response to sovereign citizen trying to avoid parking fine

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