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Woman dated boyfriend for three months before realising he had one leg read full article at

A woman has taken to TikTok to share her major dating fail, after failing to realise a pretty key thing about her boyfriend for three months.

“So I was 17,” the TikToker said. “Met this boy at the rodeo, I saw him across the way and I said, ‘that is a tall, tall gorgeous man and I need to have him’.

“So we exchanged numbers and by three weeks later, we were in love.

“We were inseparable, we saw each other every day. We spent every waking moment together. We were young lovers.

“And a couple of weird things started to happen.

“Like he would show up to my softball games, 30C weather, wearing like sweatpants and I was like, ‘what a weird fashion choice’. Didn’t say anything, whatever.

“And then one day he had his arm around me and he was limping, and I was like, ‘why are you limping?’

“And he was like, ‘oh, it’s just a knee injury’ and I was like, ‘oh okay, it makes sense’.

“Then I was like, ‘I want to go to one of your basketball games’ and he was like, ‘you absolutely are not allowed to come to my basketball games’.

“I was like, ‘why not?’ He’s like, ‘I just … … have performance … anxiety … I just don’t want you to come’.

“I was like, ‘even if you’re the worst on the team like you’re 198cm, you can’t be the worst on the team. You stand there and you’re better than half the other guys’.

“And he was like, ‘no, I just don’t want you to come’. I was like, ‘all right, sure’.

“Three months we dated. We were in love, saw each other every day, we did love things.”

She then goes on to admit how she finally realised what was missing, thanks to a picture of the two of them.

She continued: “We go to dinner one night and I take this picture and this picture is haunting because the next day I post this to Facebook and the more I stared at it, the more I was like, ‘I think I’m being bamboozled’.

“So I took this picture to my friends, and I said, ‘guys, I think my boyfriend might only have one leg’.

“And they were like, ‘why would he hide that from you?’

“And I was like, I don’t know but I don’t know how to ask him if he has one leg because how do you bring that up?’

“They were like, ‘I don’t know man, you’ve got to figure that out’. So I tried to get him to tell me for weeks.

“It’s the week or two before prom, we were going to go to prom, and then we had an after-prom house party where we’re going to go to a lake and whatever so he was going to have to wear a bathing suit.

“And he took me to a park and was like, ‘I need to talk to you about something’.

“I was like, ‘okay’.

“He’s like, ‘I have Polio’. I was like, ‘listen, I suspected this for a couple of weeks now, and you made it real weird by not telling me’.

“I was like, ‘what did you think I was going to do?’

“[He said], ‘I don’t know, you met me and you didn’t know so I ran with it’.

“I was like, I guess but like three months? You hid it for three months? I’m that dumb and unaware’.

“For the record, we stayed together for like another six months or something and we were very in love, and then I went to college and ruined it.

“So shout out to you, thanks for proving to me I was dumb.”

Fans loved the content creator’s honesty, with the video gaining more than 249,000 likes and 2.2 million views.

In the comments, her followers shared their reactions, with one writing: “My jaw is on the floor.”

Another said: “How did you do “love things” and not notice ma’am???”

A third added: “As an over-sharer … stunned.”

Others shared their similar stories, with one writing: “Married a man before I realised he was missing a thumb …. Never asked about it until I got pregnant, I needed answers then.” Someone else put: “I now feel less bad I went through an entire night not realising a girl had one arm. hugged me and everything.”

This article was originally published by The Sun and reproduced with permission

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