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When PC Gamer contacted Morfalath, the creator claimed that the ship’s hollow shape wreaks havoc on enemy AI since it is designed to generally aim for the center. Since Morfalath’s ship has no center, opposing ordinance harmlessly whizzes past the hull. Morfalath even provided a demonstration of a powerful pirate ship unable to get a lock on the corner-themed creation. However, Morfalath elaborated that this ship doesn’t fare well against enemies that attack from all sides since, statistically speaking, someone will land a hit. Infinite monkeys on typewriters, everybody. 

The X-21 Nexus Vin Starfield ship builds
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The X-21 Nexus Vin

While Starfield uses level scaling, the game still relies on some forms of gear checks. For ships, these are locked behind reactor/ship classes. Class-A ships are powered by Class-A plants and are the smallest, weakest, and fastest out there. Comparatively, Class-C ships run on Class-C reactors and are the largest, strongest, and slowest vessels available. Think of Class-A ships as early-game builds and Class-C ships as endgame battleships. And if you want a sleek powerhouse battleship, YouTuber Arrekz Gaming built one you might like.

Arrekz’s custom battlecruiser, which he dubbed the X-21 Nexus Vin, looks like a cross between a B-21 Bomber and the USCSS Nostromo from the movie Alien. Not only can the Nexus Vin take a beating, but it absolutely demolishes enemies (while also keeping them intact for boarding purposes) and can haul around 5000 mass worth of cargo. Arrekz’s ship mostly runs on Nova Galactic and Deimos modules, available in New Homestead and the Deimos Shipyard, respectively.  If you want this ship, Arrexz has provided a handy tutorial, but expect to spend around 350,000 credits on this behemoth.

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The Upgraded Frontier

When you start Starfield, Barret hands you the keys to the Constellation’s only ship: the Frontier. She ain’t pretty or powerful, but she’ll get you where you need to go. Eventually, you will need to buy or build something to replace it, but why spend all your credits doing that when you can just slap a few new modules onto the Fronteir’s skeleton to give it a boost? Other than to transform the Frontier into your own personal Ship of Theseus, that is.

The upgraded Frontier (or just the Frontier for simplicity’s sake) is another one of Arekkz’s creations. Instead of being built from the ground up like the X-21 Nexus Vin, though, this ship is, true to its name, an upgraded Frontier. Arekkz expanded the ship’s width to accommodate more modules, such as the Nova Galactic Workshop and Science Lab, extra cargo holds, and Amun-1 engines. This build also replaces the NG160 Grav Drive with a Helios 300 model. The result is a larger ship that can haul more cargo without breaking the bank, which is crucial when starting out. Once again, Arekkz also posted a tutorial to help you build this starter ship 2.0. However, learn from his mistake and do NOT delete the starter habitat module, as it is unique and spawns the broken Constellation helmet.

Alternatively, many other gamers have their own take on the “Upgraded Frontier” ship idea. For instance, Z1 Gaming also crafted their own Frontier V.2, but instead of stretching it out on the x-axis, Z1 Gaming lengthened the ship’s y-axis. Furthermore, he opted for the Nova Galactic All-in-One Berth, Caravel V102 Cargo Holds, and the White Dwarf 1010 engines. Like Arekkz’s concept, Z1 Gaming’s upgraded Frontier increases the Frontier’s performance and storage space without burning a hole in your wallet. Plus, Z1 Gaming included a building guide for their design.

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