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Jayaram’s latest crime-thriller drama, Abraham Ozler, is currently streaming on Disney Plus Hotstar. In addition to Jayaram, the film features Anaswara Rajan, Arjun Ashokan, and Anoop, with Mammootty making an extended cameo appearance.

The movie begins with Abraham Ozler, a police officer, enjoying a vacation with his family. Soon, he receives a fake call about a twin murder. He quickly leaves the house to reach the crime scene. Upon return, he finds that his wife and daughter are missing. The scene then shifts to the culprit, Vineeth, seeking revenge on Ozler for his prior arrest by abducting Ozler’s family. Vineeth, a former narcotics carrier, executes his revenge, leaving Ozler in misery as the bodies of his wife and daughter remain undiscovered.

Despite grappling with severe depression and insomnia, Ozler immersed himself in a new murder case of IT professional Naveen. As Ozler starts the investigation, he finds a series of murders with similar killing styles, indicating the work of a serial killer. Ozler and his team closely examine clues found around the bodies. One of the clues links them to Calicut Medical College.

Soon, the police discovered that the killer had used a particular device to communicate. Upon tracing the device’s purchase, they find Krishnadas’ family. Krishnadas, driven by past trauma and seeking vengeance, was revealed as one of the perpetrators.

How were the culprits caught?

Further investigation unveiled the involvement of Dr. Shivakumar, Selvaraj, and lab attendant Raghavan in an incident that shaped Krishnadas’ life. Ozler and his team uncover the two individuals working together. With a daunting task ahead, they resolve to apprehend both culprits and bring justice to the victims.

The police arrested Krishnadas while he was trying to kill supposed Dr. Alexander. The authority found a photograph of a woman named Suja and Dr. Alexander, suggesting their past relationship. They learned that Suja had died by suicide. This led them to conclude that Alexander was not a victim but the actual perpetrator and targeted Dr. Xavi next.

Upon Alexander’s arrest, he recounted his tragic past, revealing how his batchmates, Dr. Xavi, Selvaraj, and Dr. Shivakumar, wronged him. Jealous of Alexander’s surgical skills and relationship with Suja, Selvaraj collaborated with Xavi and Shivakumar to debunk Alexander. Their evil thoughts led to a botched surgery and a car accident that left Alexander in a coma.

In the aftermath of the accident, including Suja’s suicide, Alexander’s desire for revenge was fueled. Triggered by a television interview with Krishnadas, Alexander recollected his college memories and enlisted Krishnadas’s help to exact revenge on his batchmates. In the end, the presence of a dangerous substance in the blue ink used by Alexander caused Xavi’s sudden cardiac arrest. With Xavi’s demise, Alexander and Krishnadas quenched their thirst for revenge.

Were Abraham Ozler’s family members alive?

After resolving the case, Ozler again starts focusing on finding his family. Ozler continues to provide food to Vineeth in hopes that he will eventually reveal the location of the bodies. During the visit, Ozler encounters Alexander and Krishnadas. Alexander reminds Ozler of a crucial detail missed during the DNA testing – the presence of bone residue on the murder weapon.

This revelation sparks new hope in Ozler, suggesting the possibility that his family might still be alive and the weapon could have been planted to frame Vineeth. Confronting Vineeth about this detail, Ozler sensed a change in the killer’s demeanor, hinting at potential deception.

The movie ended with Vineeth challenging Ozler to find the absolute truth, hinting at the possibility of a sequel. This ending left fans in suspense and waiting for the upcoming sequel to witness the rest of the story.

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