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The size extenders or penis extenders are not only being used for Peyronie’s Disease but they are also helpful for Erectile Dysfunction, Micro-Penis, Premature Ejaculation, and Better Sexual Stamina.

As a non-drug technique, penis extenders are available in versatile forms and you will be amazed at what they can do now. 

Imagine taking a bath and lengthening the size of your organ without really feeling much pressure. However, not every penis pump or extender can be trusted, which is why we are disclosing the top 3 penis extenders which you can buy as a medical device for a variety of sexual disorders, especially micro-penis. 

3 Best Penis Extenders that work

These are our top 3 penis extenders which have everything you need for making your dreams come true. 

Penis Extenders Review

As mechanical devices, penis extenders serve their functions by applying traction force on the male reproductive organ. This practice is originally done for elongating or increasing penis size (both in length and girth) which in turn improves a variety of sexual functions.

At first, penis extenders were made to treat a medical condition in males called Peyronie’s Disease a.k.a “Bend Penis Syndrome” which is characterized as a person having misaligned penile curvature. The traction technique does have a positive effect on the straightening and enlargement of the penis cells which has been approved by dozens of clinical trials. 

There is a category in males who wants to have a bigger penis so they can satisfy their partners, too good to be true, penis extenders could easily fix that without taking oral male enhancement pills. 

How we choose Best Penis Extenders list

We have compiled a list of the best penile stretchers which are all counted as the best penis extender of all time. Efforts have been made to choose these top-rated penis extenders is by taking the following factors into account. 

  • Efficacy
  • Safety
  • Affordability
  • Customer Reviews
  • Long-term results
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Third-party tested
  • Other benefits

Do Penis Extenders Work?

You can find hundreds of solutions for micro-penis including pills, weight support, and surgeries but there is the very little clinical background to them. Traction technique on the other hand is not an invasive treatment but a form of exercise which keeps the gentle tension in your penis all the time. 

Stretching involves attaching the penis extenders to your penis and most of them work best without you knowing about it. The continuous use of penis extenders tends to increase the penis size by about half an inch to 2 inches without the discomfort that most users could imagine. At least, 3-5 hours must be given to the penis extenders in order for them to work. 

How to Use Penis Extender

Every penis extender is designed from slightly different material and is different in use, however, the amount of traction force remains the same. Some brands offer multiple other extenders in which you can calibrate the tension force required. 

Overall, you can only tell how to use a penis extender after you buy a certain product that has a “how to use” guide on its label. 

Penis Extender Reddit Reviews

There are many topics on Reddit asking whether the penis extender device works, one of the topics was asking the same question and below that we could see a pile of user reviews for penile extenders as to how effective they really are. One of the users said 

“I am using ProExtender for my penis length.

I increased my penis size by 1.5 inches in weeks. It uses the traction method and easy to use! Love this device.”


Detailed Best Penis Extenders Review Guide 2023

Let’s go in-depth with the best-ranked penis extender in 2023. 

  1. ProExtender Reviews

ProExtender is a brain-child of a Dutch surgeon who designed this device in 1994. After this, it was sold without a prescription to men who acquire lengthening or penis curvature-strengthening devices. Since then, ProExtender has gone through massive updates, and in 2017, they finally came up with a version with 0% discomfort. 

FDA approves ProExtender as a medical device that can be used for a variety of purposes. Like a traditional penis extender, ProExtender utilizes the traction force on the penis cells. The effects are moderate but real, unlike the claims made by penis extender websites with 0% tolerability. ProExtender is available at a cheaper price than most penis extender devices out there in 2023. 

Does ProExtender Work?

For the treatment of Peyronie’s disease and micropenis, proextender is considered a legit solution. You can add maximum length to your shaft without actually using any supplement. ProExtender before and after results takes a bit of time to appear, typically a few months but those gains are permanent, unlike many extenders which only happen to increase penis size temporarily. The size you gain from ProExtender isn’t temporary and it has other positive performance-enhancing effects which usually stay for 2 hours after use. 

How to Use ProExtender

Plain and simple, a method to use ProExtender is mentioned in the following easy steps. 

  • There is a basal ring of the extender where you have to fix or adjust your penis. 
  • The comforting pads are used to cover the glans so you wouldn’t notice any pain or pressure from the traction force. 
  • Adjust the traction force according to your needs, ProExtender’s latest version allows users to do that. Beginners must start from the low tension force and gradually increase it would get the best results. 
  • There is an additional rod with the device in case your penis is bigger and cannot get fixed inside. There is room for every size penis. 

ProExtender Results

ProExtender results are not just limited to one or two but many that are mentioned below. 

  • Improved penis length and girth
  • Solid and rock-hard erection
  • Painless method
  • Permanent gains
  • No invasive process requires
  • Straighten the penis curvature
  • Improve sexual functions i.e. long-lasting time and ability to shoot 

ProExtender Before and After

Customers of ProExtender endorse the idea of the high-quality material they used to make this extender. The design is sturdy and capable of bearing intense pressure for 3-4 hours straight. 

Using it 3 hours a day makes you notice the changes, the penile valves are expanded enough so more blood supply reaches the penis and keeps it hard for longer. After using ProExtender for 30 days, most users noticed a 0.60-0.75 inches size increment in an erect penis. If you wish to gain more size than this, start using ProExtender for at least 5 hours a day or 35 hours per week. It is definitely a painless technique that is similar to performing kegel exercises. 

Where to Buy ProExtender Online

ProExtender is a long-term investment that gains you permanent size, even after that, you can use it as a part of penile exercises. The benefits are staying for a life time and it costs equal to the best penis extenders on the market. 

You can find ProExtender online on the official website, the prices are:

Original ProExtender – $299

Deluxe ProExtender – $399

The ProExtender Extender System prices are different than the previous models. 

Original ProExtender System Price – $329

Deluxe ProExtender System – $429

  1. Bathmate Reviews

Bathmate is specialized in vacuum pumps which are strictly used for bigger penis. Bathmate came into formation in 1997 after which their patented technology has helped men around the world struggling with a micro penis.

The Bathmate Hydromax series is considered the best one in the batch which comes in 3 types. 

  • Hydro Series
  • HydroMax Series
  • HydroMaxXtreme Series

Does Bathmate Work?

Choosing the ideal Bathmate pump for yourself is important here because all the Hydromax series work differently and have different before and after results ahead. 

Bathmate Hydro Series is their entry-level model which is available for 35% less price than other hydromax penis pumps. It’s available for males who have a penis size 5-7 inches. You can find Hydro pump in 3 different colors. 

Bathmate Hydromax Series is the best-selling penis pump which is available in 5 different sizes each of which varies in terms of expected length and girth. This ranges from guys having 3-inch penis to men who have 9 inches. 

Bathmate HydroXtreme series is the most powerful penis pump in its class, it is the same size as Hydromax and has an effective handball pump that is very easy to use. HydroXtreme has a more powerful suction force than any HydroMax penis extender. 

How to Use Bathmate

User says bathmate penis pump use is like a workout for your penis. Here is how it’s used. 

  • Fill the container with warm water while you are in the shower and place it over your penis. 
  • Seal it against the glans. 
  • Continue the pump, this will kick the vacuum inside. 
  • Using Bathmate 3 times a day is recommended, if you are too busy, then a single time is also dining. 

Bathmate Results

Bathmate users shared their satisfactory remarks after a month of use. For every user, bathmate hydromax devices work differently, overall the enhancement in length and girth of the penis was expected.

With improved penis flow the penis walls strengthen and it supports a hardened erection with an overflowing confidence level in bed. 

Bathmate Before and After

Bathmate vacuum-based penis pump gives you a 0.75-inch enhancement in penis length while 0.5 inches in thickness. All the results are seen with users who were using it at least 3 times per day. Few users after seeing visible results kept using Bathmate HydroXtreme which resulted in minor damage to their penis muscles. We believe it’s because of the overuse which the company advises not to do, at all. 

Where to Buy Bathmate Online

You can buy Bathmate online from the official site which is not easy to track. Some domains have similar names to Bathmate and they are displaying penis pumps that are not originally from Bathmate. 

The official site displays the following price for every Bathmate penis pump. 

  • HydroXtreme 5D: $249.00
  • HydroXtreme 7: $299.00
  • HydroXtreme 7 (wide boy): $329.00
  • HydroXtreme 9: $349.99
  • HydroXtreme 11: $399.00

SizeGenetics Review

SizeGenetics is another best name in the penis device industry which is designed to provide bigger, harder and long-lasting erections. It’s a safe and non-surgical penis extender that ensures that you don’t receive any discomfort while penis enlargement. 

SizeGenetics Reddit reviews show that most users like it for its easy-to-adjust comforting strap which is easy to customization fit. It’s a high-quality penis extender that is also certified by a medical professional who has been working in the same field.

Does SizeGenetics Work?

Not every SizeGenetics penis extender is happy with the result, that being said, SizeGenetics effects cannot be predicted correctly. You may take a few weeks or a couple of months at most to see the visible changes. For one thing, the SizeGenetics extender really mastered is to provide a hardcore erection that keeps the sexual climate bliss. 

How to Use SizeGenetics?

  • The best way to use SizeGenetics is to start from 1 hour per day and add 20 minutes extra until you reach 4-5 hours. 
  • Don’t use the full traction force at first so you won’t end up injuring your penis muscles. The comfort strap is durable which is nice to wear for continue 6-8 hours.
  • Wearing SizeGenetics for 8 hours straight isn’t recommended, you may want to start with 2 hours. 
  • Take one day off. 

SizeGenetics Before and After Results

Here is what you can expect using the SizeGenetics penis extender

  • Growth of 0.4 -1 cm evert month and staggering 1-inch growth in 6 months. 
  • Highlighted sex drive and more fun during the sexual encounter
  • Regained confidence level in general and in the bedroom
  • Offer penis exercise that is more impressive than kegel exercises you perform for penis size
  • Long-lasting results
  • Control over erections

Where to Buy SizeGenetics Online

If you want to buy SizeGenetics online, there is no other way than the official website. On the official web of SizeGenetics, there are 4 packages available and their price is based on the functions. 

  • SizeGenetics Value Package costs $199.95 which is their lowest-priced penis extender with 8 parts included.
  • Comfort Package is available for $249.95 and has 14 parts involved. 
  • SizeGenetics Curvature and Peyronie’s package which is used for curved/bend penis syndrome costs users around $299.95 with 15 parts included in the package. 
  • The Ultimate Package of SizeGenetics is the most suggested and useful one, it has 17 parts inside and even has a leather case which will cost you $299.95. 

Best Penis Extenders Comparison Review

We have reviewed the 3 best penis extenders and only one of them is the FDA-approved penile extender device. Time to compare these 3 with each other to find which penis extender would be the right choice under a good budget. 

We’ll start with…

  1. ProExtender vs SizeGenetics

Both ProExtender and SizeGenetics are great in what they do, both offer a money back guarantee in case the device doesn’t work. Users of proextender and sizegenetics seem mesmerized by the results but it doesn’t mean both of them are the best. When it comes to the third-party tested variety of medical devices, ProExtender sounds more promising than SizeGenetics, after all, it’s been approved by the FDA for its safety. 

DanaMedic is the most trusted penis extender company which also introduced Jes Extender in the market, the one which made the way for ProExtender after updates. Buying penis extenders from such companies gives away the best types of deals with no problems waiting afterward. 

Winner: ProExtender

  1. Bathmate vs SizeGenetics

Bathmate offers immediate gains that are faster than what SizeGenetics has to offer. The immediate increase in length and thickness isn’t an easy thing and many devices up to weeks until the final length is achieved. However, the onset of action is of great importance and Bathmate has more positive ratings than sizegenetics in this regard. 

If it’s between choosing Bathmate or SizeGenetics, most users prefer Bathmate for its ability to use under the shower and use the vacuum technique.

Winner: Bathmate

  1. ProExtender vs Bathmate

Bathmate isn’t designed for bend-penis syndrome specifically but ProExtender is. To resolve the wrong penis curvature and have immense sexual benefits, it would take a few more updates for Bathmate to defeat ProExtender in respect to effectiveness. Comparing the price, both Penis Extenders also costs the same and have basic to advanced varieties available based on the user’s expectations. 

Winner: ProExtender

Penis Extenders for Sale

There are more than 25 brands available for Penis Extenders and each one shares a brief history of benefits and flaws. Considering our picked top 3 penis extenders have no drawbacks (unless used excessively), we are confident as they can be the device for your future joy in sex. 

Penis extenders approved for medical conditions are safer than what are being sold for exogenous gimmicks only. Sure, they can enhance the size of your penis but also leaves a negative reaction on the skin and rupturing of the penis muscles. 

If it’s about a penis extender that you are seeking, make no turn any further because the official manufacturer site is the only way to buy them at discounts. Some stores selling penis extenders in 2023 are also being noticed that wouldn’t be easy on your wallet. 

Penis Extender Amazon

Amazon currently sells the basic types of penis extenders which are from unknown origins. Do not buy if they are from china because a large chunk of Amazon items is from China which in the case should not be trusted. Penis pumps and extenders available on Amazon mostly have gel-based solutions to which there is no related clinical evidence. 

Penis Extender eBay

Yes, ebay sells a few Penis Extenders but neither of them is the ProExtender, Bathmate, or SizeGenetics. You can search for them outside eBay and find none of them have got positive reviews from the users or have any solid proof regarding their patented devices. It’s better to spend a little more money than being sorry for having an injured penis. 

Concluding Top Penis Extenders Review

As a promising and effective approach to ED and Peyronie’s disease, Penis Extenders are now being used for enlarging the penis size which is not dangerous at all. 

The reason for men using these devices is the overly hyped competition between penis size which is surely liked by women regardless of their taste. It’s always to have a grower for a shower but to compromise it with harmful effects isn’t just perfect. 

The best and top-rated penis extenders mentioned in this article have gone through extensive forms of research before coming to the market. At least, you will be in comfort knowing that a medical-grade device is doing this for you, instead of some cheap sticks that can break anytime. 

ProExtender is the penis extender for choice if you are looking for guaranteed results, a refund policy, fda-approved tag, and affordability with user compliance in the penis enlargement device. 



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