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Night Has Come is a new ongoing thriller K-drama series that arrived on Viki with its first four episodes this Monday, December 4, 2023. Lim Dae-Woong served as the series director. It stars well-known South Korean actors Kim Woo-Seok and Lee Jae-In as the lead characters Kim Joon-Hee and Lee Yoon-Seo.

Night Has Come is a story about a group of high school students who embark on a class retreat at the Muryeong Youth Center. However, things take a dark turn when the students are coerced into playing a real-life version of the “mafia” game, which leads to a series of brutal deaths. Let’s dive right in and learn how the series’ fourth episode has ended without further ado.

Night Has Come episodes 1, 2, 3, 4 recap: A real-life mafia game at Muryeong Youth Center leads to a bloodbath

Night Has Come begins with a group of high school classmates getting stuck at the Muryeong Youth Center while they are on a class retreat. The mobile network stops working, cutting off these students from the rest of the world, and the teachers leave due to an emergency. Thus, they can not connect to the school authority or anyone else from the outside.

The series centers around Lee Yoon-Seo, a diligent and instinctive student with a great sixth sense. She has been feeling strange about the place since the group arrived there. She can also see several supernatural things happening within the building. However, she can not figure it out yet.

Another significant character in Night Has Come is Kim Joon-Hee. He is the class president, is quite understanding, caring, and kind, and has a great sense of responsibility. On their first day at the Muryeong Youth Center, a mysterious “mafia” game begins to pop up on every student’s mobile phone as soon as the night falls. In this game, the students must correctly identify the “mafia” killer to end it. Unaware of the consequences, they all begin to play the game and decide to play along and select a student as the mafia.

However, the mobile game soon turns out to be real when the student selected by all the other students goes into a frenzy right after midnight. After a suspicious announcement declaring him chosen as the mafia by everyone, he beats himself to death and ultimately jumps off the building, resulting in his death. Throughout the episodes, several students mysteriously die one by onedue to this real-life “mafia” game.

Night Has Come episode 4 ending: What does Lee Yoon-Seo find inside the Muryeong Youth Center building?

Throughout all four episodes of Night Has Come, Lee Yoon-Seo and class president Joon-Hee try to stop this deadly game. They hike to find a way out without crossing the game’s boundary, as crossing it means death. They keep all phones in one place to prevent voting and fatalities. However, none of the ways worked, and many students lost their lives in gruesome ways.

In Night Has Come, students compete to survive in episode 4’s climactic ending. The remaining students are divided into two groups. Students divided into groups voting between Park Woo-Ram and Go Gyeong-Joon as the mafia. The students become agitated as they anticipate who will be the unfortunate one to face execution in the brutal game.

In the end, Lee Yoon-Seo searches for clues about the game’s mastermind in the building. She ends up in a basement of the building and finds several monitors where all their activities are seen through cameras. The episode ends with Yoon-Seo still inside the basement and in shock.

Viewers will learn what happens next in the upcoming episode of Night Has Come, which will arrive on Viki on December 11, 2023.

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