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Grace Byers on Tackling the Horror Genre’s Tropes – The Hollywood Reporter read full article at worldnews365.me

The Blackening star Grace Byers didn’t just take on the tired trope of Black characters dying prematurely in horror movies. Her no-nonsense character, Allison, also challenged the idea that Blackness can be measured.  The Tim Story-directed horror-comedy revolves around a group of college friends who reunite for some fun at …

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Exploring New Gaming Genres – What’s Out There – Film Daily read full article at worldnews365.me

When it comes to video gaming, there are a wide variety of genres available to choose from. From role-playing games and first-person shooters, to racing games and open-world adventures, gamers have an unlimited variety of games at their fingertips. However, in recent years, gaming localization companies have been introducing some …

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It’s a Great Time for All Genres at the Box Office EXCEPT Marvel and DC Movies read full article at worldnews365.me

We’ve written about the unique confluence of issues that contributed to Shazam 2’s failure, however the movie is not alone. In fact, if we broaden the scope out to the whole first fiscal quarter of 2023, superheroes movies at large are having a rough go of it. In February, Ant-Man …

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