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Pakistan’s dark age: The joke’s on us, and it’s no longer funny | Politics read full article at

If I had a greenback for each time that I’ve heard the Pakistani individuals known as “resilient”, I might most likely single-handedly bridge our present account deficit whereas having sufficient left over to attempt to purchase Kashmir from India.

We’ve been derailed by coups, cut up aside by civil warfare, confronted a number of waves of attacks by armed groups and financial meltdowns, and are subjected to fixed political shenanigans and but we by some means maintain going, very similar to a very demented energiser bunny who doesn’t realise his battery ran out way back.

We survive by utilizing sarcasm so sharp it might slice metal. We’ve weaponised euphemisms and analogies (a ability honed by many years of on-and-off censorship and state repression) to the purpose that generally even we have no idea what we’re speaking about. We cope by using a humour darker than the Pakistani sky itself throughout our final nationwide energy breakdown, the third of the sort previously three years.

The lights went out at 7am on January 23, and regardless of repeated prayers and guarantees from the power minister, remained off in many of the nation until almost midnight.

Companies shut down, hospitals couldn’t perform and nearly each facet of life got here to a standstill as the ability reserves of cell phone corporations and web suppliers slowly ran out.

Confronted with the disaster, these Pakistanis who nonetheless had some battery life of their telephones instantly turned to the large city sq. of social media, flocking to Fb and Twitter to not put up updates or trade data, however to try to determine what had occurred. “You see, we couldn’t pay the IMF bill so they cut off our electricity,” wrote one particular person. One other thought that the usual tech help resolution was in play, posting: “Well the country wasn’t working so we had to turn it off and on again.”

And so, we whiled away the hours, feeling as powerless as a Pakistani prime minister and attempting to chuckle away the most recent disaster.

However as is so typically the case, the joke was on us. As a result of when the power minister lastly spoke about what had occurred, he admitted that they intentionally “temporarily shut down our power generation systems” in a single day as a cost-saving measure after which had been unable to modify it again on once more.

Let that sink in: They really actually tried to show the nation on and off once more and failed, very similar to the motorist who switches the engine off at a site visitors sign to avoid wasting on gasoline after which is unable to restart the automotive. In the meantime, 220 million individuals are caught behind him and honking furiously.

The political backlash from the Imran Khan-led Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) – all the time in search of an opportunity to savage the government – was quick, as they identified that in their tenure, they managed to revive energy inside 12 hours after an analogous breakdown.

“Oh great,” stated Pakistanis: “We’re now competing over which government had the best national breakdown.” As for the present authorities, whereas the breakdown throughout the PTI’s tenure was labelled as the results of gross incompetence and negligence, this much more extended outage was ascribed to good intentions gone horribly incorrect. There have been mutterings about sabotage for good measure, simply in case there are any consumers for the extremely overused spectre of malign overseas interference. There weren’t.

Granted, attempting to avoid wasting a couple of of the nation’s quickly depleting {dollars} is an effective factor, however this explicit scheme ended up backfiring spectacularly. The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Business has estimated $300m in losses to the financial system due to the ability loss. And that’s with out calculating the quantity of generator gasoline burned by individuals attempting to maintain their properties, hospitals and companies working.

However then, this can be a sometimes Pakistani method to firefighting: First we ignore the blaze, hoping it is going to die out by itself, then we fan the flames a bit, and eventually, when it’s a bona fide inferno, we attempt to douse it by pouring a couple of gallons of imported petrol on it. Shockingly, it by no means works, and but we go for this tried-and-failed components each time considering that it’s going to lastly, by some means work. It by no means does.

In the meantime, now we have a finance minister who thinks that conserving the greenback fee low is an indication of masculinity and is attempting to stare the IMF down into submission, actually daring them to lend us cash.

Consequently, there at the moment are two separate trade charges in play and acquiring {dollars} is significantly tougher than scoring medicine. Numerous containers are caught at Karachi port as a result of there may be not sufficient overseas trade obtainable to clear them.

And so, we find yourself doing the rounds of “friendly and brotherly” international locations hoping for sufficient bucks to final the month. It’s type of like that relative who turns up at your own home in a fleet of luxurious autos, together with a full entourage in designer fits, eats your meals after which asks for gasoline cash so he can get dwelling.

You pay, realizing that he shall be again subsequent month. You pay him anyway as a result of if you don’t, the dramatic soul that he’s, he threatens to shoot himself proper in your lounge and you do not need your good upholstery stained with blood and bits of mind matter. That’s proper, we will discover humour in humiliation as effectively.

However our smiles are more and more strained, and the jokes are advised by clenched jaws; our resilience is depleting quicker than the federal government’s political capital. That’s as a result of, repeatedly, the system reveals us that it doesn’t look after us, that the sport is rigged in favour of a rapacious elite that continues importing luxurious automobiles when important medical provides rot on the port, awaiting clearance.

We see the machinations of a robust institution enjoying video games whereas mother and father wrestle to feed their kids. We see politicians sniping at and sabotaging one another whereas companies shut down. We see a authorities talking loudly of sacrifice and austerity whereas continuously growing the scale of an already bloated cupboard.

And to convey that stark actuality dwelling as soon as extra, on the day of the blackout got here the information that Rao Anwar, a policeman accused of quite a few extrajudicial killings (reportedly on the behest of highly effective state establishments), had been acquitted of the murder of Naqeebullah Mehsud, an aspiring mannequin whose killing sparked protests throughout Pakistan 5 years in the past.

Unanswerable even to the police hierarchy, Anwar was handled with child gloves all through the trial in marked distinction with the violence and humiliation meted out to much less related suspects, a lot of whom languish in jail for years with out their case ever coming to trial.

These are simply picks from the veritable buffet of injustices and distortions that we’re force-fed every day; each day reminders that the overwhelming majority of us are third-class residents in our personal nation.

Now, if we might by some means monetise our sense of humour, we might be within the place of lending the IMF cash. Sadly, such schemes stay the province of fantasy whereas in actuality, the laughter is about to finish. And when it does, what follows wouldn’t be humorous in any respect.

The views expressed on this article are the creator’s personal and don’t essentially replicate Al Jazeera’s editorial stance. 


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