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On Saturday morning paramedics have been known as to a house within the Lockyer Valley, west of Brisbane, however the father-of-two had died earlier than emergency providers arrived. 

It is believed the person, in his 60s, was bitten on the hand by an jap brown snake as he tried to take away it from the property.

Deadly snake bites have change into comparatively uncommon for the reason that introduction of a nationwide antivenom program, with two individuals dying per 12 months on common.

Nonetheless in keeping with statistics launched by the Nationwide Coronial Info Service, jap browns are accountable for almost all of snake chew deaths.

As much as 65 per cent of fatalities between 2000 and 2016 have been attributed to the venomous species, which is discovered throughout most of jap Australia.

Australian Eastern Brown Snake in defence stance
The jap brown snake is the world’s second most venomous land snake. (Getty Pictures/iStockphoto)

Affiliate Professor Naren Gunja, a medical and forensic toxicologist with the College of Sydney, advised that a number of sufferers he is handled do not even realise they have been bitten.

Gunja stated that is partly due to the physiology of the species’ fangs.

“Brown snakes have very sharp, small fangs when compared to death adders and tiger snakes, for example,” he defined.

“The fangs are short and pencil-like, very fine, you may not even feel a bite. 

Then he saw the two perfectly spaced holes.
Just over a week ago, a British tourist was bitten by an eastern brown snake on on K’Gari (Fraser Island). He felt a pain as the reptile struck his ankle bone, then spotted two perfectly spaced holes at the bite site. (TikTok: @geebeetv)
Darling Downs Snake Catcher’s Gunter Glasser holds up his bloodied index finger, showing where he was bitten by an eastern brown snake. (Darling Downs Snake Catcher)

“It is very simple to dismiss it.

“Sometimes when bushwalking you may just think you’ve been scratched by a twig or a stick.

“In some circumstances I’ve not even been capable of finding the place they have been bitten, usually you see a double puncture wound, however typically the wound is so high quality you do not discover a chew web site.”

The fangs are short and pencil-like, very fine, you may not even feel a bite. 

Given this, Gunja said it’s extremely important for people to know the symptoms of eastern brown snake envenomation.

“Some individuals get a really early fainting collapse, inside 10 minutes, they faint and really feel like they cannot arise. Usually they’ll get well from that,” he said.

“However then they might get nausea, vomit, after which typically there aren’t any different signs earlier than they begin bleeding to dying.”

Gunja explained eastern brown snake venom works as a procoagulant, meaning it initially forms blood clots.

Eastern Brown Snake being milked for antivenom.
Eastern brown snake venom works as a procoagulant. ( Brendan Esposito / SMH)
“The venom makes you clot, tiny little clots again and again, hundreds of occasions,” he said.

“This causes the physique to make use of up all its clotting capability, known as clotting components. You run out of those clotting components inside a couple of hours.

“If you run out of this you then start bleeding; bleeding in the brain, bleeding in the abdomen, bleeding in the chest and from the bite site.”

Gunja added jap brown snakes typically ship “dry bites” with out venom, as most strikes function a defensive warning.

Nonetheless, all bites ought to be handled as if envenomation has occurred.

Eastern brown snakes are found throughout eastern Australia, from northern Queensland to South Australia. Isolated populations are also found in central and western Northern Territory.
Jap brown snakes are discovered all through jap Australia, from northern Queensland to South Australia. Remoted populations are additionally present in central and western Northern Territory. (Australian Museum )

Staggering quantity of Queenslanders being bitten every year

In information shared with, Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) revealed greater than 800 individuals have been bitten by snakes within the state every year from 2020-2022.

In January 2023 alone, 97 individuals have been bitten.

This information will not be damaged down by species, however the highest variety of bites coincide with the hotter months, also referred to as snake season, when the reptiles emerge to search for meals and mate. 

A QAS spokesperson stated most snake bites happen on the decrease limbs, and lots of occur when persons are attempting to kill or transfer a snake.

“It’s important to know snake bite first aid and have appropriate equipment especially if you live on a remote property where it may take longer for a paramedic to reach you.” they added.

If a snake chew is suspected sufferers, or witnesses, should name Triple Zero (000) instantly.

“Keep the patient as calm and still as possible. You should also try to bandage over the snake bite firmly, then work up the limb starting at the extremities,” the spokesperson stated.

“Splint the limb to keep it straight and advise the patient to avoid unnecessary movements.

“Keep away from washing a snake chew wound – the hospital may have to check the bandage for venom to determine the kind of snake.”

HOOK-NOSED SEA SNAKE Enhydrina schistosa. Close up showing head detail and scales. Specimen from coast of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. stock photo

The world’s deadliest, most terrifying, snakes

Gunja said the simple act of keeping still after a bite could save a life.

“One of the simplest ways to maintain nonetheless is to lie down,” he said.

“Historically, Indigenous Australians in the event that they obtained bitten by a snake they’d go to a cave typically, or a really quiet place, and never transfer for twenty-four hours.

“What they realised is if you kept still, and not move for a day, you could be ok as that prevents venom from circulating.

“They knew 1000 of years in the past, what we’re realising now.”

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