Money-saving hack promises $5000 in 100 days but experts say it’s not all positive read full article at

A money-saving hack is sweeping TikTok. It guarantees $5000 again in your pocket in simply 100 days.
The 100-envelope problem is spruiked as a enjoyable and straightforward approach to save money whereas Australians face the price of dwelling and rental disaster head-on.

To interrupt it down, you’re taking 100 envelopes, simply bought for lower than $4.50, and label them one to 100.

100-envelope challenge promises $5000 in 100 days.
The 100-envelope problem guarantees $5000 in 100 days. (TikTok)

Then on day one you place $1 in, day two is $2, on day 10 is $10 and so forth till you attain envelope 100 and pop $100 in.

All up this guarantees to save lots of a grand complete of $5050.

Some customers shuffle the envelopes and pick random numbers on a day to pop cash into and cross it off the listing whereas others go from one to 100.

It looks like a straightforward hack to place away a bit of cash day by day and find yourself with a money buffer to pay for primary bills like payments, groceries or hire.

Monetary adviser Cameron McLean from Acumen Wealth Administration mentioned though the problem is constructive and getting individuals to consider financial savings, there are a couple of flaws.

The primary difficulty McLean identified is the place are individuals getting the cash to save lots of significantly because the problem is geared in the direction of social media customers who’re sometimes technology z.

It’s an particularly poignant query because the problem expects you to save lots of $500 within the closing week.

“Where do you get the money from? If we’re dealing with generation z, it’s easy enough and very good putting a $1, $2 and then $3 but then you get to the extreme in the final week you have to find $98 one day and $99 the next,” he instructed

“I can see that part way through it would become quite demotivating when the amounts get higher and you have other expenses to pay.

“It might be straightforward to drop off and say ‘that was too arduous’.”

100-envelope challenge promises $5000 in 100 days.
But finance experts claim there are better ways of saving money. (TikTok)

He said the rising denominations people save in the challenge will cut into budgeting consistency as well.

“Within the final weeks of the problem will probably be troublesome and what are they going to make use of to cowl the remainder of the bills,” he said.

“What they’ll discover is they’ll dip again into the envelopes.”

McLean said it would be better to either use different envelopes for different expenses.

“It is more practical to make use of the envelopes to say ‘I am going to put this a lot apart for hire, this a lot for groceries’ versus placing the cash apart for no particular motive,” he said.

The next issue with the challenge is Australia is a majority cashless society with most people using their cards or phones to pay for things as well as being paid directly into their bank accounts.

McLean said this is a “large drawback to the problem”.

100-envelope challenge promises $5000 in 100 days.
The challenge has thousands of videos popping up on TikTok as people attempt to save. (TikTok)

McLean instead recommended young savers to be putting aside about 10 per cent of their income and have specific goals. 

“Begin with one thing easy like 10 per cent of your revenue and put that apart for financial savings so the opposite 90 per cent can be utilized for no matter you want,” he said.

“And be practical with what it can save you, I do know of people that earn $2000 and may go ‘I can save $500 every week’ and so they realistically cannot save that.

“So start lower and review it again every few months.”

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