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Beauty Newbie aired its final episode 14 on Tuesday, April 2, 2024, at 8:30 p.m. ICT on GMM25. It follows the story of Liu (Baifern Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul), who has been bullied for her looks throughout school. So, she goes through plastic surgery before entering university. However, she comes across an old schoolmate, Guy (Win Metawin Opas-iamkajorn), who recognizes Liu’s old face from school.

Episode 14 begins with Guy, Saint, and Paula tracking the stalker’s identity who posted Faye’s photos online. They head to the cafe where the photos were taken. The staff told them the person’s clothes smelled like vinegar. Guy then remembers the day when Faye dropped a flask, and Mork helped her. Film confronts Mork about being the stalker, but the latter says he borrowed the lab coat from someone else. Therefore, he isn’t the one trying to harm Faye.

As the user posting Faye’s photo is named ‘Faye’s cat,’ Paula watches her livestream to find the cat’s name. Meanwhile, Faye is lured out of the hostel after her cat goes missing. She comes across her classmate, Jerry, holding her cat on an empty street. On the other hand, Paula discovers the cat is also named Jerry.

Jerry then reveals his real identity to Faye—the one behind the user Fairyfaye, who has “always been by her side.” Moreover, he sends Faye Liu’s old photos, gifts, and whereabouts of Liu when she goes on a date with Guy. However, Jerry felt betrayed when Faye announced she was dating Guy and now wants to punish her. When Jerry tries to hurt Faye’s cat, she tries to calm him down by saying she should have dated him. When she is standing close enough, Faye slaps Jerry, calling him a psychopath and running away with her cat.

Beauty Newbie ending: Do Liu and Faye reconcile?

Guy, Liu, and others start looking for Faye, who is trying to hide from Jerry. The boys then see Jerry running away as he laughs hysterically. When they catch him and ask what he did to Faye, he answers that he “punished her.” Meanwhile, Liu rushes to find Faye when she hears a scream. The former sees the latter crying in an alley while there is a broken acid bottle next to her. When Liu’s hand accidentally touches the liquid, she is relieved to find out the acid was diluted.

Liu then checks up on Faye, who refuses to show her face and attempts to take her own life. However, Liu quickly shows Faye her face in the phone camera and informs the latter that her skin is fine. Faye then slaps Liu and accuses her of only going there to see her ugly face. Liu slaps her back for constantly bringing beauty between them. She asks Faye not to fight over the beauty standards that made them both suffer.

Later, Liu takes care of Faye at the hospital. The former informs the latter the doctor said her skin is going to be fine. Apparently, Mork previously put the wrong label on acid bottles in the lab, which saved Faye’s life. Liu also informs Faye that Jerry was sent to the police.

After asking Faye to see a doctor regarding her eating, Liu asks to be her friend. The two tear up and reconcile as Faye agrees to be her friend. The ending shows the happy moments of Liu and Faye, along with their friends, as they make perfumes together after setting themselves free.

As Liu and Guy didn’t have a proper date on their first hangout together for their movie assignment, she takes him there again. The two enjoy the same activities, now as a couple. Furthermore, Liu and Guy thank and express their appreciation for everything they have done for each other.

Beauty Newbie ends with Liu and Guy declaring their love for each other through chemistry terms, followed by a sweet kiss.

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